Pizza Runner is a new, free mobile game for the Android platform created by Rubber Duck Software. The game uses your mobile device’s GPS to turn your home into a virtual pizza shop.


You are in charge of deliveries and collecting ingredients to keep up your cash flow and expand into a thriving pizza business. Get out into the real world and walk, run or ride to make your deliveries to customers in your local neighbourhood. Pick up some ingredients on the way to help you make more pizzas!

The game rewards you bonus cash for longer distances travelled and extra tips for delivering pizzas quickly. Once you have completed your run, your distance travelled and time taken is recorded.

Scores integrate with Google Play Games so you can compete against friends!

As you deliver more pizzas, you will unlock achievements and expansions for your shop. Upgrade your kitchen and your marketing to improve your productivity.

Your pizza menu will expand as you level up – from the basic garlic pizzas to more exotic creations like the Calabrese and House Special.

That means more orders and deliveries – will you be able to keep up with demand?

pizza runner on google play