All players start at Level 1 with a basic shop, $10 and enough ingredients to make a few garlic pizzas.

Delivering pizzas and collecting ingredients over longer distances will help you to level up quickly. Even short runs will give you experience to level up, but they require the same amount of energy to do so it is more efficient to do longer runs.

Leveling up will expand your pizza menu – more variety of pizza orders and ingredients will appear on your map for you to deliver/collect. More complex pizzas earn more cash for delivery too!

More shop upgrades will appear as you progress through game levels. Upgrades will help your shop run more efficiently.

After Level 3, pizzas will start to spoil if left in the pizza warmer too long before delivery. This means that once you cook your pizzas, you need to be ready to go out and deliver! You can increase the spoilage time by upgrading your pizza warmers (via the cash register upgrades).