Deliveries appear on the map as pizzas with a letter on them. You can tap a pizza on the map to find out what pizza has been ordered. For example, a pizza with a “G” symbol is a Garlic pizza order.

Deliveries will appear randomly on your map and can be “re-rolled” to different locations by spending supremos.

Walk, run or ride to the delivery location on the map to complete the pizza delivery.  If you have sound turned on, you should hear a doorbell when the delivery point is reached.

You can then look on your map to find the next delivery point, or you can choose to end your delivery run.

Speed Checking

The game has inbuilt speed checking to discourage ‘cheating’. At the start of a run, the game asks you to select whether you will be on foot or riding a bike (remember you are only cheating yourself really!).

Selecting “On a bike” will spread points further away and increase the maximum allowable speed limit. Going over the speed limit will effectively void your run and end it immediately.